Curator: Nina Jeza

The 9th International Festival of Fine Arts Kranj is taking place in Kranj from 26 September to 2 November. This time, the leading theme is once again the art of gluing – collage and assemblage – recycled stories. The theme of collage and assemblage was already the focus of the fifth festival, and the extraordinary innovation displayed by artists in these techniques, as well as the interest of visitors, showed that there really is a need to recycle stories.

100 artists from 25 countries in Europe, Asia and South America are presenting their works at 18 locations in the old town of Kranj. At this festival, special attention is given to neighbouring countries and the Alps-Adriatic region. One of the two main exhibitions is dedicated to August Černigoj, one of the first Slovenian collage artists and one of the most important and leading figures of the Slovenian historical avant-garde, who made an important and invaluable contribution to the history of Slovenian visual arts. The second main exhibition shows works by the painter Jože Šubic, who this year has received the ZDSLU award for his life's work, 40 years of work in the field of collage and assemblage. At the festival, he presents a selection of his best works of art from five creative periods.

The festival shows various artistic techniques (painting, sculpture, graphics, video, photography, installation, design, patchwork) and many artists that are established in Slovenia and abroad.