Curator:  Jure Kirbiš

UGM Šop is an artists' corner within the museum bookshop, dedicated to presentations of young artists from north-eastern Slovenia. We are proud to present the painter Slađana Matić Trstenjak with a selection of recent paintings.

Slađana Matić Trstenjak (b. 1985, doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina) draws inspirations from landscapes and nature, taking them towards abstraction, and creates colourful compositions using soft forms. The surface of her paintings is divided into overlaying colour fields, painted in swift brushstrokes. Using the technique of collage, she adds scaly structures to the canvas, that flow like a waterfall over the top edge of the painting, fall down the centre, and continue further beyond the frame. The colour scheme of soft pinks, sky blues and pale yellows is additionally emphaised in contrast with the rough, criss-cross coloured black patches. By use of various techniques, materials, shapes and colours, a playful effect is achieved, where it sometimes seems as if the painting is sticking out its tongue.