Curator: Mario Berdič Codella


Slađana Matić Trstenjak has recently changed her artistic style, becoming even more abstract, emphasizing her expressionistic manner and concentrating on the essential meaning of her art works, which is the glorification of nature as well as life, the eternal winner over the death. On the painting surface she usually includes independent watercolours with circular forms or small riped paper sheets like collage, wether just simply overpainted or covered with abstract, scribble like drawings, and sometimes she also uses some textile applications as patchwork pieces with flower decorations (Cyclamen…). As the matter of fact, this flowers are the only symbols of the vegetation in Slađana's newest abstract landscapes, while her former works were full of trees, forests, fields, even houses etc. Now everything is happening only between sky, water and earth, symbolizing spiritual or transcendental life with additional help of pink and bluish shades of colour (Pink Meadow, Pink and Orange, Pink Leaves and Meadow, Blue Cloud and Rain, Blue Rain…) The water is flowing from the clouds as rain drops, forming greater torrents or rivers, which seem to wipe off all the dirt of this Earth (Colorful Rain…). Only once and then the black shadows can be seen, as remnants of all the evil of the war in Slađana's birth place, when she was only a little child (Black Pink, Black Velvet…). Othervise, her landscapes are radiating in bright shining colors, like a planet, almost without sunset (Arrival of the Sun).  Evidently, the recent ouvre of Slađana Matić Trstenjak is fulfilled with emotions, memories and positivenes, as only the children can create similary in their imagination.